ebook Lithium Batteries 2023

9 Introduction The complexity of the International Dangerous Goods Transport Regulation for Lithium Batteries requires an increasing attention from those who are shipping these batteries. Lithium batteries are classified as “Class 9” Dangerous Goods in accordance with United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods Model Regulations The regulations may frequently change anyway depending on the transport model utilized. This Manual is aimed at delivering basic information to those who are not yet familiar with these International Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations. The manual is divided into two parts. Part 1 is summarizing the main regulation requirements for road, sea and air transport. Part 2 contains 40 Summary Sheets where the different transport modes requirements are summarized in one page. On the opposite page, an illustration of the packaging instructions is offered to the reader and presented with illustrative examples to guide the reader. The Manual is organised according to the UN Number of lithium batteries, considering "new" and "waste" batteries, the “quantities” of batteries that are shipped, starting from the largest “fully regulated” and ending with the small “excepted” quantities. In case of “used” batteries they have to be evaluated individually, as well as “damaged or defective” batteries. This manual is only a guide to assist the reader in preparing lithium batteries shipments for transportation by road, sea and air. It doesn’t replace any of the regulations manual that are applicable to the shipment of lithium batteries. If you have any comment on the content of this Manual, we would be pleased to take them into consideration for any further improvement of its content and its practical use.