ebook Lithium Batteries 2023

International Transport Regulations 40 • vehicles not show signs of leakage from batteries, • installed batteries shall be protected from damage, short circuit, and accidental activation during transport • the lithium batteries shall meet the provisions of 2.9.4. The marking, labelling and placarding provisions of this Code shall not apply. IA F T u A l : ly Regulated. PI 952 - Battery-powered vehicles must meet the following requirements: • All batteries must be installed and securely fastened in the battery holder of the vehicle, machinery or equipment and be protected in such a manner as to prevent damage and short circuits. However, lithium batteries shall meet the provisions of • Vehicles equipped with theft-protection devices, installed radio communications equipment or navigational system must have such devices, equipment or system disabled. • No quantity limits per package in Passenger and Cargo Aircraft Where vehicles could possibly be handled in other than an upright position, the vehicle must be secured in a strong, rigid outer packaging of the following type: Type Drums Jerricans Boxes Description Steel Aluminium Plywood Fibre Plastic Other metal Steel Aluminium Plastic Steel Aluminium Wood Plywood Reconstituted wood Fibreboard Plastic Other metal Lithium ion cells or batteries and lithium metal cells or batteries identified as being damaged such that they do not conform to the type tested according to the applicable provisions of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria or identified as being defective for safety reasons, that have the potential of producing a dangerous evolution of heat, fire or short circuit (e.g. those being returned to the manufacturer for safety reasons or cells or batteries that cannot be diagnosed as defective prior to transport), are forbidden for transport by air. Hybrid electric vehicles powered by both an internal combustion engine and lithium batteries, transported with the battery(ies) installed, must be consigned under Class 9 entries: • UN 3166 Vehicle, flammable gas powered or • UN 3166 Vehicle, flammable liquid powered, as appropriate. ➣ Not subject to ADR if any valves between the engine and fuel tank or the gas tank shall be closed during carriage. ➣ Not subject to IMDG if special provision 961 is fulfilled Lithium battery is of a type proved to meet the requirements of the Manual of Tests and Criteria, part III, subsection 38.3, except prototypes and production runs ≤ 100 cells and batteries. Vehicles which contain an internal combustion engine shall be assigned, in Class 9, to: • UN 3166, Vehicle, flammable gas powered or • UN 3166, Vehicle, flammable liquid powered, as appropriate.