ebook Lithium Batteries 2023

International Transport Regulations 29 1.6 Documentation Any carriage of dangerous goods governed shall be accompanied by the documentation prescribed in this chapter . Dangerous goods description is needed in the following sequence: UN n. / Proper shipping name / the label model (class)/ Packing Group (*) (example: UN 3090, LITHIUM METAL BATTERIES, 9) (*) Lithium batteries have not assigned a packing group. Other information needed are: – the number and a description of the packages – the total quantity of each item of dangerous goods – the name and address of the consignor; – the name and address of the consignee(s). Note: Proper Shipping Name is always “batteries” irrespective they are “cells” or “batteries” Specific documents are required by the different transport modes, which are described below, highlighting their own specificities that must be completed by the consignor. On the following pages are then shown examples of transport documents compiled Road Transportation – ADR Additional information required: • Tunnel restriction code Maritime Transportation – IMDG Code Additional information required: • Emergency response information, use in emergency response to accidents and incidents involving dangerous goods in transport. Air Transportation – IATA DGR Additional information required: • Limitation prescribed for passenger and cargo aircraft • Radioactive material