ebook Lithium Batteries 2023

International Transport Regulations 25 Shall bear markings which are durable, legible and readily visible, constituted by a sequence of symbols, letters and numbers, i.e.: Not approved packagings: Where packagings which need not meet the requirements of (e.g. crates, pallets) are authorized in a packing instruction or the special provisions, they are not subject to the mass or volume limits generally applicable to packagings (400 kg or 450 L) conforming to the requirements of Chapter 6.1, unless otherwise indicated in the relevant packing instruction or special provision. 1.4.1 Table with Packaging Codes Kind Material Category Code A. Steel removable head 1A2 B. Aluminium removable head 1B2 D. Plywood - 1D G. Fibre - 1G H. Plastics removable head 1H2 Drums N. Metal, other than steel or aluminium removable head 1N2 A. Steel removable head 3A2 B. Aluminium removable head 3B2 Jerricans H. Plastics removable head 3H2 A. Steel - 4A B. Aluminium - 4B ordinary 4C1 C. Natural wood with sift-proof walls 4C2 D. Plywood - 4D F. Reconstituted wood - 4F G. Fibreboard - 4G H. Plastics expanded 4H1 solid 4H2 Boxes N. Metal, other than steel or aluminium - 4N The United Nations packaging symbol Plastic Drum with removable head For packing groups: I, II, III Maximum Gross mass in kilograms Carriage of Solids The State authorizing the allocation of the mark Name of Manufacturer Year of Manufacturing (last two digit)