ebook Lithium Batteries 2023

International Transport Regulations 15 Step 2 Evaluate and confirm – The content in grams of lithium in the lithium metal cells and batteries – The Wh rating of lithium ion cells and batteries Step 3 Decide if you ship: – Cells or batteries as batteries, – Cells and batteries contained in equipment or – Cells and batteries packed with equipment Step 4 Go to chapter § 2 of this manual and following the chart with the characteristics of your batteries, identify your transport requirements in accordance with the 18 groups listed under Step 4 in the Table. Step 5 Go to the first sheet of the identified group and according to the Flow Chart with the data collected, identify the specific Summary Sheet related to your transportation requirements for the given types of batteries to be shipped. Step 6 LEFT page of Summary Sheet: Use the information of the Summary Sheet from top to bottom, the relevant provisions have been included in the Summary Sheet according to a logical and practical path. The differences in road, maritime and air transport and packaging requirements have been identified by different background colors and highlighted step by step. A white background is used where the provisions are applicable to more than one transport mode. The orange background applies to road transportation, pink applies to maritime transportation and blue applies to air transportation. On the LEFT page, the Summary Sheet contains the following information: Where applicable, a) UN Number, b) Proper shipping Name, c) Class d) Packing Group e) Hazard label f) Prerequisite, conformity to the general requirements g) Specific requirements h) Exemption conditions i) Packing instructions j) Authorized packagings k) Quantity and weight limits l) Provisions applicable to road transportation (i.e. tunnel code, transport category, road transport exemptions) m) Marking and labelling on packages n) Overpack labels and markings o) Specific transport document required p) Instructions to personnel RIGHT page of Summary Sheet: On the opposite page (to the right), images show an example of how to practically prepare packaging for shipment: how to protect cells and batteries from short-circuit, verify and use internal and external packaging, labelling and marking of packages.