ebook Lithium Batteries 2023

Copyright © www.batteriestransport.org 141 MIX WASTE LITHIUM CELLS & BATTERIES (with other non-lithium cells and batteries or alone) P909 + SP 636_ADR only ADR only Practical example of packaging, marking and labelling of packages containing waste MIX of lithium cells and batteries, with other non-lithium cells and batteries or alone, according Packing Instruction P909 + Special Provision 636 (ADR only) LITHIUM BATTERIES FOR RECYCLING Approved packagings NON-Approved packagings Packaging MAX 30 kg (gross) Not individually protected No weight limit for packaging Quality assurance system to ensure that the total amount of lithium cells or batteries per transport unit does not exceed 333 kg; Alternate layers of waste batteries with layers of cushioning material, non combustible and non conductive. The empty space in the packaging shall be filled with cushioning material. The cushioning material may be dispensed with when the packaging is entirely fitted with a polyethylene bag and the bag is closed Approved packaging Inscription on packages