ebook Lithium Batteries 2023

International Transport Regulations 42 1.13 Lithium batteries contained in data loggers and cargo tracking devices Lithium batteries contained in equipment such as data loggers and cargo tracking devices, in use or intended for use during transport, attached to or placed in packages, overpacks, containers or load compartments are not subject to any provisions of ADR or IMDG other than the following: (a) the equipment shall be in use or intended for use during carriage; (b) the lithium batteries contained in the equipment shall meet the applicable construction and test requirements specified in ADR or IMDG; and (c) the equipment shall be capable of withstanding the shocks and loadings normally encountered during transport and shall be safe for use in the dangerous environments to which it may be exposed When such equipment containing dangerous goods is carried as a consignment, the relevant entry of Table A of ADR or IMDG, Chapter 3.2, shall be used and all applicable provisions of ADR or IMDG shall apply. NOTE: For carriage in a transport chain including air carriage, these devices, when active, shall meet defined standards for electromagnetic radiation to ensure that the operation of the devices does not interfere with aircraft systems.