ebook Lithium Batteries 2023

2.3.4 CELLS AND BATTERIES CONTAINED IN EQUIPMENT FOR DISPOSAL AND RECYCLING Flow Chart WASTE Equipment containing lithium ion and lithium metal cells and batteries carried for disposal or recycling Road Transportation (only) NO Summary Sheet § Equipment from private households ? Equipment from commercial, industrial, institutional and other sources, which is similar to that from private households ? YES Lithium cells and batteries are the main power source for the operation of the equipment ? NO The equipment is packed in accordance with packing instruction P909 except for the additional requirements 1 and 2 ? Summary Sheet § Not subject to ADR YES NO The equipment contain any other lithium cell or battery used as the main power source ? Cells and batteries are afforded protection by the equipment in which they are contained ? NO NO YES YES YES NO The equipment is packed in non approved strong outer packagings, e.g. specially designed collection receptacles, constructed of suitable material and of adequate strength and design in relation to the packaging capacity and its intended use? YES Appropriate measures have been taken to minimize the damage of the equipment when filling and handling the packaging, e.g. use of rubber mat ? NO The packagings are constructed and closed so as to prevent any loss of contents during carriage, e.g. by lids, strong inner liners, covers for transport ? (Openings designed for filling are acceptable if they are constructed so as to prevent loss of content) YES YES NO NO Summary Sheet § A quality assurance system is in place to ensure that the total amount of lithium cells and batteries per transport unit does not exceed 333 kg ? YES NO Packages are marked "LITHIUM BATTERIES FOR DISPOSAL" or "LITHIUM BATTERIES FOR RECYCLING" as appropriate? NO YES YES Summary Sheet § Not subject to ADR YES YES